Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fall Photos are arriving...

These photos are by the amazing Kimberly of

This photo by Jennifer Anderson - Wiggins

Iam working on fall-winter samples and sending them out to different photographers. Pics are coming back which I loovvee! I still have some items to finish but this is a first taste!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

That's my baby....

Check out the Sisboom the fabrics!

Monday, August 9, 2010

SONO Arts Festival - WOW

This weekend we were vendors at the SONO Arts Festival right here in CT. I wasn't sure how Jessiegirlclothing would do at this one, but we have always attended and it was close to home. We had so much fun! People were great and Jessiegirlclothing was so well received. I loved watching the little girls come into the booth and pick out their own skirts. The Moms were fabulous also! I told DH we have the coolest Moms and girls as customers. I don't mean to leave out the dads they were great too.

I need to remember a mirror next time - alot of girls tried on their beautiful clothes in the tent and I would love to have a full length mirror for them to see themselves. Alot of ladies asked about adult skirts and I may try that next spring on a small scale.

I am also in SisBoom country and use alot of her fabrics. A few creative ladies noticed and we had our Paganelli love moment - she does craft shows at her home in Wilton that are out of this world!

There was beautiful art at the festival, great music and a puppet parade to top it off! The only issue we had was the wind. We were near tall buildings and felt like we were in a wind tunnel - Thank goodness for the cinder blocks holding the tent down. I spent alot of the day trying to make sure papers, cards, tissue etc. didn't blow away!

One of the advantages of being close to home is seeing alot of old friends. Saturday was our 11th wedding anniversary and about half our wedding party stopped by very cool!

Off to continue working on Velvet Ribbon (my new fall/holiday) line! Preview pics will be coming this stay tune!