Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thinking of Velvet Ribbon in July...

I have been behind in my blogging and I hate that! I am very busy on my fall/winter line and have been trying to stay away from the computer. For two reasons 1. The internet can suck up my time so fast. I get lost in a beautiful world of blogs, facebook, flickr etc.. By the time I look up two hours have passed. During the summer I love to spend time with my kids at the park, pool or even in the I have to use every free moment wisely!
The second is though I love to view other designer's creations it also can make me feel insecure. I start to reconsider certain design elements because I think they might be popular - lots of lace or a certain fabric line. But when ever I start to incorporate these elements it doesn't work - because it is not my aesthetic and I end up throwing the garment away half finished. So I turn the computer off, take a trip to NYC - people watch and visit tiny fabric and ribbon stores in the garment district - and rediscover my own vision. - That's what I have been up to!
Thought it's taken awhile - I think my fall and winter designs are really cool and a little different then everything else. I am finishing up this week and contacting photographers so I can start posting pics! Stay tune!Check out this great statue that was lining the street in the fashion district in NYC - there were a bunch of them all decked out in different outfits - Only in New York!

Friday, July 9, 2010

So many details....

Lincoln Center was fantastic! I got the pleasure of selling my skirts and dresses to families not only in NYC but Israel, England and Argentina. The vendors in neighboring tents were so nice - I was unsure how that would go and they were so inspiring and helpful! The American Girl Doll dresses were such a hit! The highlight of the weekend was when a five year old girl insisted on wearing her jessiegirlclothing skirt that moment! We later saw her parents taking pics of her by the fountain in Lincoln Center -- pure heaven! Best feedback ever - is watching the girls run to the booth and choose the skirts and dresses THEY want to wear! That is when I know this might work!
The only downside was the heat! It was 90 degrees and HUMID. If you live on the east coast you know what I mean - ugh! I drank smoothies, diet coke and water all day. My Mom and best friend helped me in the tent and we had a blast. I hope to return next year. A great opportunity which I will post about later appeared and is keeping me very busy!

My next show will be a bit closer to home. the SONO Arts Festival in Norwalk - I will have alot of the same items and some new patterns!