Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We made it! We are at Grand Central!

Oh my goodness - we are finally here! We set up our booth - which looks freakin gorgeous - Thanks so much Mom! That is her in the pic! If you visit our booth at Grand Central this season you will see her - she is visiting from TX and is cold!! But loves the winter fashions - and is a fabulous salesperson!
We love NYC the people have been wonderful and the response has been so great!
We are meeting people from all over the US and the world - we have the coolest customers. We are sending out a ton of size 2 and 3 dresses so we will be bringing more in after the weekend and our hats and scarves are flying out the door. The best moments are when we see little girls try on the dresses and love them...and sometimes come back for more! It has been a great week - can't wait to see what December in NYC brings...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

One week away...

We will be loading into Grand Central Terminal this time next week...boy are we busy! My mom is in from Texas and we are creating a warehouse in the basement. we have taped out the space on the floor and realized how small seven by nine feet really is. Thankfully my family has been in retail for years and know how to maximize space.
I have been very lucky to have people around me that balance me well. My DH is a number junkie and has taken over the finances, taxes, accounts and spreadsheets of every kind. My mother is an interior designer who understands how to set up a space. I have been fortunate to work with some talented photographers - especially Kimberlyvphotograpy.com. She was the first photographer I worked with and she just has such a beautiful creative vision. I also was lucky enough to find Nely who helps with the sewing and is amazing - I just feel very, very blessed!
This week my emotions range from excitement to terror to a strange calm - and then I start my next to-do list and move forward.