Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fortytoesphotography does Frida right!

Gorgeous! These photos are by Jennifer and Stella-Marie of FortyToesPhotography! Jenn is a great Mom of four beautiful kids! She sweetly agreed to photograph my Frida skirt and she knocked it out of the park! Check out her blog - she has a giveaway right now - she sews too!

http://momof40toes.blogspot.com/ or click on the link in my blog list!

Monday, May 24, 2010

My secret obsession - photographers

I tried to take some photos this weekend and did not have a lot of success - this is my best effort - which I may have overdone in the editing - but I think its cool! I love visiting the photographers blogs and looking at their gorgeous pictures- its amazing how a whole mood can be captured in a photo! And how good these talented ladies make the clothes look! I regret so much that we didn't do baby photos of the kids - How I would love photos of them all curled up with their chubby cheeks - so cute!
Whenever I know photos of my clothes are on their way - I get so excited. I check my email every hour - I'm like a kid the night before Christmas. If I won the lottery - I would probably design clothes all day and send them to photographers just to see how the pics turned out. Some dream of buying an Island - I dream about pictures of my clothing creations - go figure!

I guess I will be checking my email the next few days...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

American Girl Doll Dresses - I might be addicted!

I was asked by some buyers to make matching American Girl Doll dresses and skirts. At first I was hesitant - I didn't really think it was my thing. the sewing seemed to intricate and I work really hard on the fit and look of Jessiegirl clothes and wasn't sure that would transfer to miniature. Boy - was I wrong....it is so much fun! I may try out all my designs on miniature first! These three dresses are on their way to www.KimberlyVphotography.com but I am going to make a bunch more for Lincoln Center.

My 9 year old is on his way to Great Adventure tomorrow morning with a friend. He will be gone all day and is very excited about going. I have mixed feelings - I will miss him and worry a little bit that everything is ok - on the other hand it will be nice to have onlyJessie for the day. We are going to a craftshow in Greenwich which I was waitlisted for this year. I will reapply next year and I want to check out the artists and booths.

Check out the American Girl Dresses:

Thursday, May 20, 2010

We did it!!! Our first facebook giveaway!!!

We not only reached twenty fans...but twenty one fans. Please check out our face-book page to see the winner of the new skirt!

Last night I realized that Lincoln center is coming upon me very quickly and I need to begin focusing again. I took a bit of a break after the Columbus Ave. Fair and time passed by way to fast. I am excited about Lincoln center but do not want to self sabotage myself - I think these fairs are like a marathon - you can't begin preparing a week before and be successful. Not that I have ever run a marathon - but I watch the NYC one every year on TV and think someday...maybe I will start walking again tomorrow! See this is how I get off track! Back to sewing!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

5 more facebok fans til giveaway and more pics!

Wow! Facebook is filling up...come join - I hope to reach 20 by Tuesday! Remember I am giving away a Jessiegirlclothing Skirt. Here are some new pics that came in from KimberlyVphotography - gorgeous!

Im starting to work with knits - got a great coverstitch machine - so I can do them properly. My daughter loves knits and I want to do some cute ruffles - mean time I have the linen and madras!

Friday, May 14, 2010

15 more till facebook giveaway - Come join!!!

Come join - I am trying to reach the goal of 20 fans for a skirt giveaway!

Look - Jessiegirlclothing - made the frontpage of etsy!

So exciting!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Facebook Giveaway and Sisboom too!

Oh my god! I have blogged how Fabric designer and woman extraordinaire Jennifer Paganelli of Sisboom and Freespirit fabric designer is one of my creative heroes! Today she has mentioned me on her blog! There are fab pics from Kimberlyvphotography as well check it out!


I have started a facebook page for Jessiegirlclothing! I have added a link from the blog and would love to have people join. I love giveaways - so it's time I had one! I will have a drawing for a skirt when we get 25 fans for jessiegirlclothing of facebook. To enter all you have to do is become a fan - we will draw for a winner and post it on facebook when we hit 25. As a prize you can choose any skirt from my store size 2-8.
Come and join so you can receive updates of new items and sales! Yaah!

What a day!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lincoln Center Craft Festival - A dream come true!

Almost a year ago my mother and I took a day trip to NYC and came upon the Lincoln Center American Crafts Festival. It was pouring rain but we decided to stop and take a look. By this point I had just opened my etsy store and was planning on participating in a local craft show that fall. My mother has always taught me that if you are going to do something - do it all the way! As we were walking around admiring the amazing crafts - I realized that I wanted to be here. Do you ever get the feeling that something is going to happen? That is how I felt! Fast forward to Jan. I worked on my inventory, tent, pics (Thanks KimberlyVPhotography) and applied.I started screaming and jumping up and down when I found out I had been accepted. I am bust preparing and will be there June 26th and 27th. I feel very lucky to have done Crafts on Columbus because I walked away with so much knowledge of what I can add to make it an even more successful show! I can't wait! Please come and visit. I also have started a facebook page Pleasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee join!

I will announce a giveaway tomorrow for the first 20 fans - so stay tune!

New York's 34th Annual
American Crafts Festival
at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

June 19, 20 & June 26, 27, 2010
Saturday: Noon-9pm Sunday: 10am-9pm

This event is outdoors and will take place RAIN or SHINE!
(under tents)

at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
64th St at Columbus Ave., Manhattan

400 Juried craft displays selected from every region of the United States. Continuous entertainment, craft demonstrations, exotic and natural foods.
Ample parking at indoor garage.

Park & Lock Garage located at 62nd St. and 65th St. between Columbus and Amsterdam

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

My babygirl had her sixth birthday yesterday and it was so bittersweet! I am so happy for her as she is surrounded by such sweet friends. It is so reassuring to see Jessie's great taste in friends. The room was filled with sixteen kindergarden girls and they laughed like crazy! I will miss this age of true joy!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers! What a blessing to be a Mom!

Columbus Arts Festival Report

I apologize for my belated report on the Columbus Avenue Art Fair. The first day was fabulous - sun shining and such great people cam by our tent - Moms, kids, grandmas and even fabric lovers. Everything went well - our tent stayed up, everything fit in the car, credit card machine worked and our craft neighbors were wonderful. The best part was talking to everyone who visited the tent - they really seemed to like my skirts and DH even said to me "they get you here"! He's still a little unsure - but it was fun. I could sit in NYC and people watch all day - the fashion that people wore from funky to high end was a show in itself and so inpiring!

Unfortunately on Sunday it was thunderstorms all day. We drove into the city just in case but it was a downpour. We ended up at an upperwestside diner for breakfast and local indoor flea market - it was a nice morning, but I would have preferred to set up our tent. I have the video below of our tent, I thought I was taking a picture and the video was on. I will do better in June. Where in June...? Stay tune tomorrow....