Saturday, October 24, 2009

Vintage and Twirl Skirts - Pure Inspiration!

Twice a year a local historical society holds a Tag and Textile sale and I always attend. It is held in a old saltbox colonial house and adjacent barn in a small town in CT. I went first thing this morning despite the rain and it was well worth it. The parking lot was filled with all the other fabric addicts who could not stay away. I found many vintage sewing patterns and ribbon - which I love. I find the shapes and colors interesting on the pattern covers - but I find the look and styling of the women irresistible.

I am working on my Christmas skirt and it is inspired by those vintage pattern covers. I need to get some modeled shots this weekend - so I can list it in my etsy store. I tried to take photos similar to those amazing Japanese craft books - but I really need to get them modeled!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jessiegirl takes Manhattan!

I woke up this morning and realized I needed ribbon. Not just any ribbon - but a certain ribbon I could only find in a small store on 38th st in NYC. I had forgotten the name of the store but figured I would find it. Since soccer was cancelled due to soggy fields and DH and son were scheduled for a scout adventure - I decided that Jessie and I should head to NYC for the ribbon. Not remebering the name of the ribbon store I tried M&J Trimmings first- this store is amazing! It is like the Willy Wonka Factory of ribbons and trim and it is stocked floor to ceiling.

We entered M&J with samples of our ribbon and surpisingly they didn't carry the same style. So Jessie and I started walking down 38th street in hopes of finding the ribbon store I had originally bought the ribbon. Just around the corner was Joyce Trims - a much smaller store but had exactly what I needed - and to be honest much better prices then M&J (which can get a little pricey).

After I bought up all the ribbon they had left - I knew a trip to NYC wouldn't be complete without a visit to Mood. Any watcher of Project Runway knows this is where the designers go in NYC to buy fabric for the challenges. We watch them race around pulling at the rolls of fabric frantically and then leaving with those really cool Mood bags. Guess what I got?

Jessie and I had so much fun. Mood is actually harder to find then you think. It's located in an office building that just has the number on the front and mood signs in the window which are difficult to see from the front. Once you enter the office building you have to ride to the third floor in one of those old elevators with an elevator operator who manually closes the elevator door. Jessie saw this and went "ooohhhh". Once the doors open on the third floor you are in Mood and it is packed with shelves of fabric and customers.

The fabric is divided by type cotton, denim, knit etc. I was surprised they didn't carry quilting fabric - but there are still some great finds. The rows and rows of fabric can be overwhelming but I found the people who work there very helpful and the line at the register moves super quick. It is also fun to see all the creative people choosing their own fabrics - definitely great people watching.

Here is Jessie checking the rolls of fabric out:

All in all a great day - some people take their kids to NYC for the museums or a Broadway show - I take my kid to Mood!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Make it work!

Im getting back in the swing of things - my sewing things of course! After my great day at the craft show things began hopping! Im sure this would be small scale for some - but for me it's a big deal! I finished the customs that were ordered at the fair and had some etsy sales in my etsy store - Very exciting!

Next I am planning for a trunk show with a twist! Women in our town who sell handcrafts, pampered chef etc. are going to set up tables at my neighbor's house and invite everyone we know! There will be munchies , wine
and shopping - what more could a night out with the girls need? I think this is such a cool idea and really looking foward to seeing what everyone is selling.

Now I need to focus on a couple of new things for winter. I love the skirts and have chosen some new cool fabric to mix and match - look for that in future post. However living in CT the cold months are upon us. It was 50 degrees today with a cool breeze and the summer clothes are being put away and long sleeves are coming out - so I want to add some items that girls can wear in the cooler weather.

The first item I am working on is a jumper that can be worn under a long sleeve shirt. This was my first draft and I like it , but it still needs a little tweaking. The best part was Jessie loved it and insisted on wearing it to school today! I am going to work on it this weekend - I love the concept of the corduroy skirt and cool fabric bodice. I lined the bodice with the corduroy which gives it alot of structure. I think it may need some trim on the bottom and a button in the back to make it easier to take on and off.

But as Tim Gunn says "make it work"...speaking of which it's Project Runway time - I was hoping they would finally eliminate Nicholas - but he has immunity this week. How did Epperson not win with that so cool western outfit ...