Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I have a son too ...he is so cool!

I have a son - though when you look at my flicker or etsy you wouldn't know it. He is the coolest! He is eight years old and so much fun to be around. He has an enthusiam for so many things and always keeps us busy. When I first began sewing again he waited patiently for his project. This fall I made him a fleece hoodie of his favorite baseball team and he was psyched. I won't say Mets or Yankees or Red Sox because in this part of New England those loyalties are taken very seriously!

I am looking forward to a great summer hanging out - but it was 62 degrees here today - so hopefully it will come soon!

I love his expression in this picture ...Come on Mom...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sis Boom and a pony too!

I am lucky enough to live in Connecticut and within driving distance of many wonderful things - including Jennifer Paganelli and Sis Boom Fabrics. This weekend she opened up her home and shop to the public and it is truly a magical experience for anyone who adores her fabrics. They had pony rides for the children and of course Jessiegirl was right there for that! The ladies were so sweet and even let her wear the cowboy hat - Problem is - now she wants a pony!

Once inside her beautiful home she has all her goodies out and you are completely surrounded by creativity and gorgeous fabric. there were clothes, purses, aprons etc. We picked out some ribbon, fat quarters and a cute pink purse. It was so hard to choose!

Jennifer Paganelli held a workshop in March where she inspired us to make creative scrapbooks. I attended and it was a wonderful experience. http://jenniferpaganelli.typepad.com/sis_boom_day_dreams/2009/03/index.html

She is so open and enthusiastic about not only what she does, but helping other women tap into their creativity. I left that workshop feeling that I had a valid and original creative point of view. I hope that makes sense. On Saturday - Jennifer told me they will be having another workshop in September - can't wait!

As we left Jessie insisted on smelling the flowers and if you don't stop and smell the flowers at this gorgeous home - I don't know where you would...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Midnight Finish Ottobre Top 3/06

I am so proud of this Ottobre 3/06 top. It is made out of the most beautiful Michael Miller organic swiss dot and the ruffles are so much fun! I made jessiegirl come outside early on a Saturday morning so I could take a picture. Of course I had been up till midnight finishing it. You know when you are so determined to finish a project that you lose track of time. My DH had to stop me from waking my daughter up and having her try it on...(LOL).
I had started it in my sewing class at quilter's alley and the teacher there was so helpful.
They even asked if they could post it on their blog - so cool! Next I want to see if I can lengthen it to become a dress.
I have started a flicker account and if I can figure out how to post a link on the side I will. Off to trace a pattern for the ruffle pants -

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The begining of the journey...

This is the start of my blogging journey. I kept diaries as a child listing the trials and tribulations of a nine year old. They are filled with hearts and flowers and the listing of who likes who and where I fit in. When I was in my early twenties and living in NYC I use to write in a journal each night as I took the subway home fromthe theatre and my job as a wardrobe supervisor . It's funny how the concerns between these two girls are not that different. As a mother I m finally comfortable in my own skin and ready for a new perspective - but i can't promise there won't be some hearts and flowers - it's unavoidable with a five year old daughter!