Friday, February 25, 2011

Change is coming...

We are getting so close to showing everyone our spring and summer goodies!!!! Love this pic of Kimberly's daughter Claudia. I had this dress made at the end of our run at Grand Central and it sold out we so decided to produce it for spring and I am so glad - the colors are perfect and it just makes me smile! We have more great summer patterned pinafore dresses and fun twirl skirts coming to the website in a couple weeks. I have also designed a new dress I am so excited is going off Kimberly to be photographed tomorrow but here is a little taste...

So cute and girls are going to love it for the summer! I want to name it - but haven't figured one out- will have to work on it.
I am getting ready for some great art fairs this summer - and working on dresses, skirts,cute shirred tops, aprons etc.
can't wait!

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