Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My favorite college professor Tim Ward, was an old hippie with a long gray beard and Birkenstocks. At 19, I was struggling with whether or not I wanted to be in college or begin my theater career. Tim called me into his office and told me that education is like putting money into a bank account. That I should never stop learning and education is never wasted.

Last night I took my first college course in a long time - at the Parsons School of Design in NYC. It was scary, intimidating and wonderful. The class is filled with hip, young international students and a very elegant professor who worked as a fashion designer for years in NYC. In her very chic french accent she asked us to create a design using only triangles - not as easy as you think! I kept wanting to peek at what others in the room were doing - but then I felt like that would make it even more difficult if I got stuck on someones idea. Eventually I came up with image which I thought represented a spirit breaking free and the professor saw it as a xmas tree with snow - lol! I think when I was younger that would have really bothered me - but with age and experience I have become much less self conscious and judgmental of myself.

Next week we will be studying different silhouettes and sketching ideas that would work with them. I am very excited, but need to go out and get a sketchpad and soft pencils - apparently my pen and lined paper does not cut it. It is exciting and a bit unnerving to be a student again. Tim Ward would be proud!

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