Sunday, March 20, 2011

Good night Morristown!

We are home! What a nice weekend at Morristown and we loved the armory! We have never done an indoor art fair before and learned alot about display. At Grand Central a kiosk is provided and your display is contained within that space. At this fair we had a lot more room which was nice but we really needed to bring more items to set up our back display. I did my best by hanging some dresses and skirts up on the rafters and trying to position our racks in an interesting configuration. But that gray fabric they use is hideous! I will definitely bring my own fabric to hang nest time. Maybe some Jennifer Paganelli - that would be cool!
The people in New Jersey were so kind - I loved meeting everyone and talking fabric and little girls! My new design did well - so I was really excited! I also brought some 12 month dresses along and sold those - so I may be adding those sizes!
By Sunday night I was ready to go home and my roadies (aka my family) came and helped me load out. I was so proud of my son - he got right in there and took apart racks and loaded up the car. He is ten and it is an age where I am starting to see glimpses of maturity and what he might be like as a young man. It is very bittersweet!
This is my hard working crew! DJ worked hard - I think Jessiegirl thought she was on her lunch break.These are my must haves at an artfair! Extra large Dunkin Donuts coffee - to get thru load in and those first few hours. AI am trying to cut down the amount of diet soda I drink and my friend Julia suggested to drink a bottle of water first and then the soda - so I am trying that.

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