Friday, March 11, 2011

Look how cute it came out...our new trapeze dress!!!

This is the new Jessiegirlclothing design that we have been working on! I love it - Thanks to Kimberlyvphotography for the pics. It is based on the trapeze dresses little girls use to wear in the 1970's. The collar is given a more modern cut and I added two ruffles to the bottom. There is some definite twirliblity in this design as well. I think it is perfect for summer and super flattering! These are the two designs that we have available on the website - but I am working on having some limited edition ones at the craft shows this year - one in linen!
We are beginning to pack up for Craft Morristown next weekend. It is inside the armory in Morristown and I am trying to plan how to organize the booth space. I am relieved that we don't have to worry about the weather or the stability of the tent. So excited to be doing another fair!

Our first catalog just went to printers ...if you would like to receive one visit our website and request one!

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